This series of prints-and-plates is inspired by the vast quantity and diversity of beautifully designed mass-produced doormats one can find in wide variety of shops in Holland, ranging from supermarkets and department stores to gardening, hobby, cosmetics and toy shops, and even African and Asian curio shops. Sometimes, though not very often, one can see them in front of sweet little Dutch houses as well. Curiously, these welcome mats are almost always turned upside down relative to perspective of the visitor arriving at the house.
The plates themselves are made in the form of a doormat (size, rough texture and structure) and are exhibited on the floor area directly in front of the prints, so that one needs to step on them to be able to see the print.
These works were made in 1994 and 1995, during an era when their author (a recent immigrant) wished to feel at home in Holland. They are a kind of introduction to a following series (From Here to Reality).

Techniques: Etching; Collography; Linogravure